Automatic Price Optimization

Maximize your profit by automatically raising prices for best-selling products and reducing them for products that don’t sell.

The Benefits Of AutoDS' Automatic Price Optimization

Maximize Profits On Best Sellers

AutoDS will increase prices on products that are selling, up to a certain limit of your choosing. This way, you can maximize your profits on your bestsellers.

Increase Sales Conversions

If a product isn't selling, the system will decrease the price up to a certain limit of your choosing. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of selling all of those slow-movers.

Save Time

Save time checking each product's competition manually while AutoDS automatically handles your product's prices to increase your profits and sales conversions alike.

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Automatic Price Optimization
Step By Step Explanation

1Enable Pricing Automation

On the bottom left of the AutoDS menu, click on “Settings”. Then, “Automations”. Choose “Add Automations” and select “Automation Type” – “Sales Base Pricing”. That will enable you to start setting up preferences.

2Configure Pricing For When Sales Increase

Enable ‘Raise Price by Sales Performance’. Then, set the conditions for the number of sales and by how much to increase the price, including your limit.

3 Configure Pricing For When Sales Decrease

Enable ‘Decrease Price by Sales Performance’. Then, set the conditions for the number of days/weeks/months without a sale and by how much to decrease the price, including your limit.

4Relax & Let AutoDS Optimize Your Product's Prices

Enjoy the AutoDS Automatic Price Optimization feature and eliminate the hassle and countless wasted hours of manual work.

Additionally, enjoy the extra profits from your bestsellers and the increased sales conversions from your slow movers, and scale your dropshipping business the right way!

AutoDS' Automatic Price Optimization Key Features

Raise The Price After X Sold

Set the number of sales that a product should make before increasing the price.

Raise Price by X

Set the total price percentage or the amount that the product price will get raised by when the product does get sold.

When To Decrease Prices

Set the number of days that should pass with the product not selling for us to lower the price.

Decrease Percentage/Amount

Decide by how much you want to lower the price when it is not selling well.

Set Your Limits (increase/decrease)

Configure the minimum and maximum percentage and price amount to increase or decrease and have a pre-set range.

100% Automated

Configure your settings once and AutoDS will automate the rest.

What sellers are saying about AutoDS

"I run all my dropshipping stores using AutoDS automation. It's the only platform I trust to monitor my products 24/7 and fulfill every order.“

- Paul Lipsky

"A quick time-saving tool with responsive support. It's very user-friendly and the pros are committed to helping members learn to succeed."

- Ricky Hayes

"I manage my entire dropshipping business with AutoDS. It saves me a lot of time, from finding products to sending automatic messages to my customers."

- Nahar Geva

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial to use AutoDS for automatic price optimization?

Sure! You can try AutoDS for just $1 and get all the features that AutoDS offers, including automatic price optimization.

Can I migrate from another dropshipping tool?

Yes, the migration process is quick and simple. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Do you have customer support in AutoDS?

Yes, our customer support works around the clock providing 1-to-1 live chat service and is always eager to help.

Can I set AutoDS to raise the product price once it is sold automatically?

Yes, with a click of a button, you can set AutoDS to raise the product price automatically once it gets sold.

Is it possible to choose between raising the price only for the first sale or for each sale?

Definitely! You can choose between raising the price only for the first sale or for each sale.

Can I set AutoDS to drop a product's price when it doesn't generate sales within a specific range of dates?

Yes, you can configure AutoDS to drop the product price after X days if it does not sell.

Does AutoDS support raising the product quantity to a specific quantity if it didn't get sold?

Absolutely! You can choose between raising the quantity limit of your product or getting an alert notification.

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